Scaling your Tech from ideation to Series A
Getting a first MVP on time and on spec could be a challenge. Scaling it to match your business needs up to a Series A requires specific attention at every stage.
With dzango, you gain more than just outsourced coders. We bring our expertise and collaborate with you to achieve your strategic goals.
We don't just secure your Tech, we partner with you to ensure its maturation and long-term success. Trust our expert team with your technology needs.
Free 30' consultation
Dzango is your Business Driven Technology partner. We go beyond traditional developer outsourcing.
We recognize the critical and unique elements of your business.
We provide dedicated resources with complete transparency.
We craft timely deliverables seamlessly aligned with your company strategy over time.
Trust us with your Tech. Your business is too vital to compromise.
We believe the tech must be serving your business needs
More than outsourcing,
technology as a business catalyst
Experience a new approach to outsourcing with dzango. We believe that true success lies in the fusion of your Tech, and business strategy. Our expert team becomes your dedicated partner, guiding you through the complexities of technology while keeping your business milestones in sight.
Business Driven Focus
Technology is just the beginning, we focus on your business needs and strategy.
Tech Know How Continuity
Your technical stack, expertise and resources are preserved over time.
Dedicated Resource Allocation
We hire, train and retain dedicated resources for your project.
Daily Deliverables Commitment
From day 1, access boilerplate features, ad hoc development, library features.
Recognized Tech Expertise
A decade of achievements, long retained customers, most popular tech supported.
Total Transparency
No surprise, weekly meetings, direct access to our CTO, our tech is your tech.
A solid tech maturing from ideation up to Series A
From the early stage of your business up to Series A funding, we ensure your tech is always aligned with your business needs and could mature over time to support your ambitions and objectives. Our support is tailored made based on your maturity level to match your exact requirements.
Early Stage Startups
Kickstart your journey with a dedicated tech team
At the heart of every groundbreaking idea is a solid technical foundation. We empower early-stage startups by providing dedicated resources as an extension of your own team. You are not just hiring a developer; you are gaining a tech partner committed to nurturing your vision from concept to MVP. Our flexible, scalable solutions ensure that your tech capabilities grow seamlessly alongside your ideas, enabling you to focus on innovation and product-market fit without the overhead of building an in-house team
Pre Seed
Lay a robust pre-seed tech foundation
As you prepare for the pre-seed stage, it's crucial to have a tech stack that reassures investors and meets early adopters' expectations. Our trained resources specialize in building scalable, secure, and innovative solutions that not only attract initial funding but also set a strong foundation for future growth. Our commitment is to align with your roadmap at every step, ensuring your tech is investor-ready.
Post Seed
Accelerate post-seed growth with our experts
With seed funding secured, it's time to accelerate development, iterate based on early feedbacks, and prepare for scaling. Our dedicated experts are following rigorous processes and methodologies, ensuring rapid deployment of features that drive user growth and business results. Our senior developers and managers work exclusively for you, ensuring that every line of code brings you closer to your post-seed milestones and beyond.
Pre Series A
Business and Tech support ready for hyper growth
As you approach the Series A stage, strategic tech development becomes embedded with your strategy. We align with your business goals to ensure that your technology stack is not just solid but also ready for rapid scaling. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance your value proposition, streamline operations, and prepare your startup for the rigorous demands of Series A investors.
A proven methodology to support your tech, your business from the first day to your funding or exit
We understand the importance of having a solid methodology to support your technology. With years of experience in the industry, we have developed a proven approach that ensures your tech is well-supported and aligned with your business needs.
Our methodology is designed to unlock the full potential of your technology, whether it's developing a minimum viable product (MVP), raising seed funds or for a Series A. We believe in the power of technology to drive business growth and help you achieve your goals.


Day 0
Discovery phase, our boilerplate features will be rolled out before your project starts


Day 1
First deliverables, thanks to our component library available and tailored to your needs


Daily Progress
Your asset is published daily. Your tech is maturing with your specs, features and business objectives


Ongoing Commitment
We are building your success over time from ideation to MVP up to a solid pre Series A product
Find the right expert that fits your unique needs
Discover a diverse range of professionals to meet your development and management needs. Choose from experts tailored to your requirements and unlock your MVP with confidence.
Junior Developer
Our junior developer is hand-picked for outstanding potential. If they don't meet your expectations, we'll replace them at no cost to you.
From $2750/month
Software Engineer
They quickly master the technologies used in your project, understand your requirements, and work autonomously.

From $3250/month
Senior Developer
Unleash the power of our highly skilled expert with a minimum of 5 years of technical experience.

From $4750/month
Fractional Team Leader
With 4-5 years of management experience, our expert brings technical expertise and leadership. Available part-time (1/4, 1/3, 1/2) recommended for teams of 4 or more developers.

Fractional CTO
Get a flexible part-time CTO with 25+ years of IT and entrepreneurship experience, plus a background in international finance.
Long term commitment plans available on request.
Man-months provided by year
Funds raised by customers
6 Locations
North America - Europe - Asia - SEA
Join our community of successful customers.
Development of an online music teaching application.
Customer since 2022 (USA)

Playbook - Online platform to learn music

Playbook is more than just music software, it teaches students how to play their instruments.

Carbon footprint platform development and expansion.
Customer since 2021 (France)


WeNow | Sustainable mobility, climate & carbon footprint training

WeNow, the French greentech that helps companies take action for the climate: sustainable mobility, climate training & carbon footprinting.

Team augmentation for data collection and processing, UI development.
Customer since 2019 (France)

Hiboo | The all-in-one tool for your equipment data, operations, and maintenance.

Hiboo is data infrastructure platform that helps you collect, control, and visualise your equipment data.

Call centre, multichannel lead management platform in Thailand.
Customer since 2016 (Thailand)

Siamcardeal | Best promotions on brand new cars in Thailand

Find the Best Deals on Brand New cars in Thailand from Official Dealers. Find all information, technical specs and pictures on new cars for sale in Thailand

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